Thursday, 18 December 2014

Story Relevency and Production Classfication

·         Aim
 Influencing a new policy that can regulates the responsibility of both the community and government of Uganda in water infrastructure growth, development and sustainability around the country, Because this   damage or loss     was    not only in Nansana town council, but almost everywhere in the country urban and   merging urban area   , however the film just covers only Nansana for purposes of minimizing the budget. 
Our survey was in whole of Wakiso, Mukono, and Jinja.
·         Objective

To empower the community, in growth and development of public infrastructures. as we held them accountable for their social – economic transformation

Production Classifications .

Production    Company : J.PICTURES INTERNATIONAL
Estimated Budget          : 23,600 [USD] estimated .
Distribution company     : J.Pictures International  .
Rated                            :Universal 
State of Production        : Post production 
Production classification : Independent  Production
Studio                            ;Gricks  Pictures 
Country  of Production   : Uganda and Netherlands
Movie nature                  : Classical Documentary  Drama (Feature)
Major Location              : Nansana Town Council , Kampala Uganda .

Technical Specifications . 
Duration                          :             45minutes
Sound mix                       :             Digital (RCA sound recording )
Aspect ratio                    :             16:9HD
Color                              :             Color
Camera                            :            6 D ( DSLR)

Crew   / Production  Credits
Director                                     :Julian  Nabunya
Writer                                        : Julian Nabunya
Cinematographer                       : Asaph  Kasujja
                                                   .Kenneth  Mugerwa 
Assistant Director                      ; Maria  Kiberu
Still  Photos                               : Dan Kibirige
Sound Mixer                             :  Baker  Mutumba
Production Manger                   : Angella  Nakiranda Kagimu
Set runner                                 :  Lillian  Nagayi    
Wel fare                                   : Stella  Nasanga
                                                 ; Annet Kiwanuka Kagimu
Music  Director                          : Ferrie = differentieel (
Music  composer                      :   Hans  Jacobi [ United  King dom ]
                                                : Ngoma  cultural  group . ( Sunday )
Assitant  Editor                       ;  Kevis Katende
Editor                                       : David  Ssuuna
Executive Producer                 ; Julian Nabunya .

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