Thursday, 18 December 2014

Problem Back Ground

In 1930 , Uganda established the first ever piped water system in Kampala city , the capital by then , the journey to safe water use development  was started by British as the former colonial master of this country ,

The development continued , and by 1965 , three other towns , Entebbe, Jinja , Mbale , had already merged into the system.

In 1970s , Uganda  under the  late Idd Amin Ddada's administration ,  lunched  an independent  body to manage this human need  in Uganda . under the leaders ship of  National water and sewage cooperation  [NWSC] And by 1979 , 6 more district had already merged onto the system , Masaka , Arua, Lira  among others  inclusive

 But how ever , with Uganda’s , prolonged civil wars , maintenance and establishment of new infrastructures were hardly considered , Till the1990s. When the World Bank opened the doors again for international investment in domestic water use in Uganda. With an estimated aid of about 60 million usd, under the Kampala water supply.

 This support was focusing on Kampala water system rehabilitation only . Indeed the struggle to achieve safe water use continued in Uganda , and a law  commonly known as The Uganda water Act 1995  was re -amended to regulate usage and  attract new investors ,

 Which was later used to develop the 1999, national water policy , a national structure aimed  to achieve at least 77% of safe water accessibility by 2015 ,

Indeed this safe water accessibility for all was a key priority area in Uganda ‘s national program OF POVERTY ERADICATION ACTION PLAN 2004, under the support of poverty eradication fund , Successfully, Uganda’s arrangement attracted donors, and by 2013, Uganda had already received over  150 million usd under the joint water and sanitation program support from several European countries , British , Germany ,Sweden  , Austria , Denmark , among others to supplement on World Bank and African Development banks ’s investment among  local investment of over 799 million USD .

With an achievement  of about  23 districts only in the over all system in the country .

Story Line

It's  a    feature length  documentary drama  that  focuses on how negligence  retired   the  residents  of  Nansana Town Council, Uganda , into  water scarcity of  the 90s ,

as it shows  several   hard ships  , children  under go while  accessing  available sources  of  water  in their region at this  moment  .

more emphasis is put in advanced effects  that may result  in  shortage of water supply in the area    .

Written  and directed By Julian Nabunya , Produced By J. pictures  international.

Files from I Need A Drop Documetary

Despite the fact that , this pound is life threatening water source , Girl in picture has no choice on life , .

Traffic @ One of a free water source  , commonly know as "kukinya, "  privately owned by water donor in  East 1 zone Nansana Town  Council ,