Sunday, 6 September 2015

Threats to black list I Need A Drop in Uganda .

National Theatre has refused to associate with my film I NEED A DROP for reasons that , it's not an art piece according to them , but rather a political movement , especially now when we are in election time , this news came to me in sort margin between now and the would be first  ever press conference, i was preparing on this very theater premises last  Friday @ 10 ;00 am like i had early informed the media in this country , the conference was intending to create a mass platform where i could pass a formal statement on why i have filmed this , and what i would proposes to government of Uganda in the next 30 years ,if we are to make safe , clean water points for all in Ugandan by 2045 , all in all , , i didn't have a choice like it has always been , no need of creating room for illusion , so i have accepted to call for next venue , but formal communication will be done to several news rooms and independent journalists , like i did while inviting you early last week . there fore , we have decided to look for a new place where i can stand with my tight jeans , and pass this statement . we strongly apologies to all media practitioner in Uganda , that had already prepared their gadgets to tape this . but i must say , this challenge is not going to make me relax in any way not till ,i see safe , clean water points that are affordable and accessible for all of us . infect , it has instead over empowered me emotionally , more than when i lost the first footage for this every film , among other threats i have been confronting for the last 1 and half year when this project become public , i promise you , the people of Uganda , that if you believe that , accessing , clean , safe water points is for all of us with out any sort of prejudice , let you be poor , young or vulnerable in any case , then we can achieve this together , Julian Nabunya \ director /i need a drop ,

Friday, 21 August 2015

Major Participants' pictures from the I Need A Drop

Bike washer  along   WAMALA - KAGEYE  RIVER  that bridges Nansana town council to - Wakiso  town council in east one - Kabumbi zone . 
Paul Sseklirime , a 14 year old growing teens that leads the controversial story  of how Nansana  town council goes back  into water scarcity  ,  as he narrates  his current life style { victim }

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Synopsis for I Need A Drop Documentary

traffic  at the general Spring well in east 1 zone 

When man  gets short of his  life basics  or fundamental human  needs ,  , its obvious , one  has to  go  an extra mile  to survive , just as it's in Uganda ,  with it's residents vs water scarcity .  

but the question is ,  has  Uganda neglected  the  lives of  her children,   who happen to be the most , marginalized   group  when it's come to inaccessibility  of safe water  point  in the country now , and yet according to  cultural norm value and tradition  of Ugandans ,  children are  lawful  responsible group   for collecting domestically used water  in this community . 

I need a drop there fore ,   is Uganda’s full length documentary drama,   that focus on  how residents  of Uganda    over mine the existing natural water sources  to  bridge the gap of water scarcity in their  respective communities  .its major focus is put, on children as the most vulnerable   group in this  cause   . 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Log for J. Pictures International ltd
Fades into map of Uganda, that later resolves into, map
Of Africa, allocate Uganda in the eastern part of Africa, all
These, must be graphically done.”Animated on screen”

Then cut to Uganda Parliament of recent, you can establish
The parliament by use of traffics along parliamentary avenue, NB “busy streets during the day   on parliament avenue “,

Then cut onto the national flags at the main entrance of the parliament, to fully show where we are in Africa.

Cut to the Kampala city over view, here you can
Borrow as many shots as the footage can offer us, to
Enable our audience associate with Uganda.

You can conclude the trailer introduction, by incorporating residency in NANSANA TOWN COUNCIL, KAWEMPE DIVISION, Bwaise village, to sum it up, Kampala city residents more preferred.

Here the major focus is put on the current status of the settlement area in Uganda.  For purposes of showing the real live hood of an ordinary Ugandan.

Resolve into Pictures of President Yoweri Kagutta Musevine, then Joseph Kony, Then Gen. Idi Amin Dada. As you nearly finish the narration below
Uganda is a former British Colony, located in the sub
Saharan region of Africa, In Africa, Uganda is among the
Top East African countries, characterized of prolonged
Civil wars, high ranked corrupt officials VS rapid Populations growth. As major human generated threats to social -economic growth and development.  

Resolve into, infrastructures that’s, schools, shops,
Churches, police post, estate, roads, factories etc,

then resolve into current  domestic water sources  in Uganda , we begin with , springs wells ,pipe water gadgets  , gadgets  for  rain harvested  water ,then ponds, swamps  and  non modified / nature water sources  current , here please take use of available footage  to enhance the trailer  .

Concentration must be put on subject of human attempts
To access the water source, please choose angles that
Shows how hard man suffers while accessing the current water sources in Question. And mind of alternative angles per each scenario. That’s   east -west take must be maintained, and all cuts must be faster, please lets maintain the style in teaser.

Children fetching water   must be given much more attention, as special way of, Introducing PAUL SSEKIRIME on screen, a 14 year old boy in Yellow shirt on day one, and white
And green on day two;

Please take alternative angles as he plays his two same- football game while coming to Bilidebilaba spring well in Nansana East one Zone,

The show of football must continue, till Paul get into the spring Outrage. For dramatic introduction of major character in film, you can borrow this from the teaser.

Fade out, then Screen opens again with credits of Director.

Fade in again; with Paul dramatically struggle to position his jerry can before the busy spring   please take use of footage for day two.
Among the basic human need threatened by high corrupt officials in Uganda, is the accessibility of domestic water for all.


Don’t you feel irritated for steeping in such a water outrage   ?

Please take the lines in teaser and subtitle as well.


To take you a little bite  back ,  Uganda registered   first ever piped water stream in 1930  right here in Kampala city under the administration  of the  British government,  a Uganda former British colony , the journey   of developing  safe water sources  in the country continued  and by 1965 , three other town , Entebbe , Mbale  and Jinja  had already merged into safe water system  .

But how ever , with Uganda’s prolonged civil wars , maintenance  and establishment of new safe water infrastructures  was hardly considered till 1990s , when the world Bank  reopened  doors for international investment in safe water system  with support of about 60 million USD specifically for rehabilitating Kampala water system .

The story  continues.