Thursday, 28 May 2015

Synopsis for I Need A Drop Documentary

traffic  at the general Spring well in east 1 zone 

When man  gets short of his  life basics  or fundamental human  needs ,  , its obvious , one  has to  go  an extra mile  to survive , just as it's in Uganda ,  with it's residents vs water scarcity .  

but the question is ,  has  Uganda neglected  the  lives of  her children,   who happen to be the most , marginalized   group  when it's come to inaccessibility  of safe water  point  in the country now , and yet according to  cultural norm value and tradition  of Ugandans ,  children are  lawful  responsible group   for collecting domestically used water  in this community . 

I need a drop there fore ,   is Uganda’s full length documentary drama,   that focus on  how residents  of Uganda    over mine the existing natural water sources  to  bridge the gap of water scarcity in their  respective communities  .its major focus is put, on children as the most vulnerable   group in this  cause   . 

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